Monday, April 8, 2013

Had a pretty good time at CPAC today. This was our third year in the Artist Alley there is it was definitely the best! I felt like there were a lot more people this year.  Here are some cruddy quick snaps of stuff I made in the last week, getting ready for the con.

Alsooooo, I am all out of Catbug plushies! Honestly, I don’t usually sell well with higher-priced items at CPAC, so I was expecting to bring at least two of the four home with me. Instead I sold them all in the first hour, proving that sales are completely unpredictable. This allowed me to buy groceries to last me ‘til Friday when I get paid again, so thanks, guys! ^_^ As for the online people, I will be making more. I’m going to be cutting out a lot of plush this week, both original and fan art. 


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